Virtual Reality Center is CROC’s innovative business unit, which develops and implements application technology solutions for a variety of business tasks.
VR and AR technologies improve the efficiency of education and trainings via the visual presentation of training materials and creation of an interactive educational environment.

Training and simulations

  • Training simulators in virtual reality for routine and emergency drills in any circumstances
  • Integration of VR systems into existing simulators and content display systems

Training rooms

  • Development of educational content, which is based on training materials and displayed in VR and AR systems
  • Creation of VR tools and fully equipped training rooms for more in-depth education

Team briefing

  • Creation of systems for decision center personnel to plan collaboration during mass events and in case of emergency

Completed project

Data center maintenance simulator


Make data center maintenance staff better prepared for emergency.


  • Develop an interactive model of the data center
  • Integrate the data center simulation into a CAVE system
  • Implement a data center switchover to backup power line scenario
  • Testing and fine-tuning of simulator’s operational scenarios


To improve the efficiency of data center personnel, CROC developed an interactive simulator for practicing the switchover of the emergency data center to an independent power supply. Using technological flowcharts, CROC simulated all necessary indoor elements in 3D, created realistic lighting and sounds, implemented personnel action scenarios, and developed the system to evaluate personnel training results.